What is ProjectVRC.team?

Welcome to ProjectVRC.team!

Here you will find independent and unbiased research with a focus on desktop virtualization, data center and cloud technologies.

The (desktop) virtualization, data center and cloud market is continuously changing and it is happening at an accelerated pace. Innovations can have a big impact, but also seemingly innocent updates or configuration changes can make a tremendous difference. Finding objective information is more important than ever but can be a challenge, especially with so much marketing bloat and un validated best practices floating around.

The goal of ProjectVRC.team is to find new and validate best practices, make unbiased comparisons and perform independent market research. With this information, you will be able to make better informed choices and save time, costs and frustration. Expect to find white papers and blogs with technical deep dives, best practice analysis, product comparisons and community surveys. 

ProjectVRC.team has now evolved in to a community driven successor to ‘Project Virtual Reality Check’, originally initiated by Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp. As a result, everyone can become a ProjectVRC.team Contributor with their own research.

As long as the research topic is interesting and practically feasible, everyone can apply to publish content under the ProjectVRC.team platform. Of course all ideas for publication suggestions must be verifiable, replicable, unbiased and independent. For this clear publication guidelines are in place. For example: all content is peer-reviewed by other ProjectVRC.team contributors and for instance with technology comparisons, involved vendors are actively engaged in the findings before publication.

When you register, you automatically will become ProjectVRC.team Member. As and ProjectVRC.team member you able to freely download and review all content. Sometimes, we will ask members to volunteer in quick market and technology surveys to share with other members. This helps us better understand where our industry is moving or better comprehend what (technical) choices we make in the real world. 


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