Better Together

“..The two largest and most focused competitors in the Dutch Virtualization and Application Delivery market space are working together on project: Virtual Reality Check...”

PQR and Login Consultants started this joined-venture to share insights with the virtualization community with Project: Virtual Reality Check. There are several reasons for PQR and Login consultants to execute this project together:

  • The Project leaders, Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp know each other for a long time from the virtualization community and share the same passion for these technologies.
  • Project VRC is a huge undertaking, PQR and Login consultants individually do not have the resources, or time, to execute this project on their own. Thus it is logical to cooperate and share  the work and deliver the results together;
  • Both organizations share the same technical vision, which is critically important in complicated projects like these.