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The primary goal of Project Virtual Reality Check phase IV is to investigate the overall scalability impact of Application Virtualization solutions within VDI. The three biggest and most commonly used vendors in the VDI market space are investigated: Citrix Application Streaming, Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp. These three solutions were compared in different streaming configurations. This whitepaper does a true deep dive on Application Virtualization impact within VDI.

Depending on the use case scenario, Project VRC discovered that this impact can be significant. Test results with the benchmarking tool Login VSI show that Application Virtualization has impact on the VDI user density, which can be decreased by 20% to 45% when Office is completely virtualized. This should be considered as a worst case scenario. When only a couple of specific (business) applications is virtualized, the session density decreases by only 3 to 12%. In practice the Application Virtualization overhead will be highly dependent on how often virtualized applications are started, and how much file IO and registry access they generate: specifically the creation of the virtualization ‘bubble’/environment for the application can have a significant overhead.

The Project VRC phase IV whitepaper "Application Virtualization Impact on VDI" is available for download here.


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