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Independent Research Project VRC: Phase IV describes pros and cons

De Meern / Amsterdam, 28 June 2011 – Today PQR and Login Consultants released Phase IV of Project ‘Virtual Reality Check’ (VRC). The whitepaper describes the impact and best practices of application virtualization on a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

The R&D project ‘Virtual Reality Check’ (VRC) started in early 2009 by PQR and Login Consultants. The objective of this project is to independently analyze the developments in the application and desktop virtualization market and present the results. Independent test scenarios - now more than 1000 – lay at the basis of the VRC projects.

Ruben Spruijt, PQR Technology Officer, Sven Huisman, Consultant at PQR and Jeroen van de Kamp, CTO at Login Consultants explain the impact of application virtualization on VDI in the whitepaper ‘Project VRC Phase IV’. Central focus is the consequences for the scalability of the infrastructure. The tests compared Citrix Application Streaming, Microsoft App-V and VMware Thin App in different configurations.

The benefits of Application Virtualization are clear: isolation, virtualization and on-demand deliverance (through streaming) of applications to provide greater dynamics and flexibility. Obviously there are also drawbacks: not all applications can be virtualized, the interaction between virtualized applications can cause problems and the used techniques provide a heavier load on the available system resources.

Spruijt: "We have examined different scenarios for Application Virtualization. For instance, it is remarkable what the effect on performance of the VDI environment is and thus on the number of simultaneous users. Not well-thought-out virtualization can result in a decrease of up to 40%! VSImax scores and surveys from the I/O perspective show striking differences between the major players in the marketplace. We conclude that the on-demand streaming of applications has many advantages, although we emphasize there are implications for the scalability of the infrastructure!"

The performance of VDI environments in different configurations, including a worst case scenario, have been tested. Findings, conclusions and recommendations provide food for thought and discussion and are described in the pdf which can be downloaded on as of today. Follow Project VRC on Twitter @ProjectVRC.

The benchmarking software used for Project VRC is Login VSI. Anyone interested in the results or in performing the scenarios themselves can do so by downloading the Login VSI software. The test environment and methodology used are also described in the free whitepaper.

A correct interpretation of the results of Project VRC Phase IV for your own VDI infrastructure is crucial. PQR and Login Consultants offer the possibility for organizations to organize a VRC workshop where the impact of application virtualization on VDI is explained and a comparison is made to the situation of the client. For additional information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About PQR

PQR is the specialist for professional IT infrastructures with focus on safe and manageable availability of data, applications and workstations with optimal user experience. PQR provides its customers with innovative IT solutions that ensure optimal application availability and manageability, without complex processes. Simplicity in IT, that's what PQR stands for.

PQR has proven credentials and extensive expertise in the field and the highest partner statuses and certifications. PQR is partly Citrix Solution Advisor Platinum, HP Gold Preferred Partner 2011, Microsoft Gold Partner Advanced Infrastructures & Security, NetApp Star Partner, RES Platinum Partner, VMware Premier Partner and Gold Partner Authorized Consultant.

PQR focuses on four main themes:

  • Data & System Availability
  • Application & Desktop Delivery
  • Secure Access & Secure Networking
  • Advanced IT Infrastructure & Management

PQR was founded in 1990, located in De Meern and has over 100 employees. In fiscal year 2009/2010, achieved a turnover of € 70.4 million and a net profit after tax of € 2.5 million.

About Login Consultants

Technical innovations of the user infrastructure, like virtualization, can bring significant benefits in the areas of cost, flexibility, security, stability and license management. Because of the rapid development of the available technologies and the complexity and sensitivity of implementing these technologies, only the best-off-class specialists will be able to really achieve the benefits these innovations can bring.

Login Consultants is an independent international IT service provider specialized in virtualization, migration, desktop deployment and application delivery. We are experts in these areas for the technologies of Microsoft, Citrix and VMware. Login Consultants offers consultancy, implementation and support services, to help its customers maximize the benefits from technical innovations for traditional and hosted desktops, application virtualization and server virtualization.

Login Consultants has an experienced team with over 120 consultants in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our consultants have accreditations from Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, and are regularly invited to speak at national and international events. They are involved as experts in online and printed IT publications and actively participate in relevant technical blogs.

Login Consultants’ independence is emphasized by its own product Login Virtual Session Indexer. This unique testing and benchmarking tool predicts the impact on performance, of any intended change in Terminal Server, Citrix and VDI environments. Login VSI is especially designed to determine the optimal combination of solutions (and their configuration) for our customers. Login VSI is quickly evolving to become the global standard for SBC and VDI benchmarking. The tool is already used by Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell, Cisco, EMC², Fujitsu, KPN and more.

The innovative abilities of Login Consultants are also expressed by our suite of free software tools for SBC, App-V and ThinApp, which are used worldwide by thousands of organizations. Login Consultants is also the creator of Solution4, a licensed software product specifically designed for efficient and effective management of centralized Windows environments.

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